How to set up your computer

Below is a video to help you set up your computer to help take the stress off of your neck, shoulders and back.  Points to note are that you need to:

Be in a relaxed position.

Sit towards the back of the chair to keep your posture correct.

Take breaks every 20 minutes-even if it is just to stand up and sit back down.

Always use an external keyboard and mouse when using a laptop.

Position your keyboard and mouse as described on the video.


Lifting Technique

Size the load-test its weight before attempting to lift it.

Bend and squat with back in correct position.

Lift and keep object in close to your body.

Pivot your feet, do not rotate with object.

Do all the above even if it is a small object-you are lifting the object plus your upper body weight.

We added in the video how to vacuum the floor properly.


Getting in and out of bed

This is something we do everyday,  pay little attention to, unless when we are in massive pain.  We need to use proper ergonomics throughout the day, even getting in and out of bed.