Why Homeopathics?

So, why homeopathics instead of the basic vitamins, minerals and various nutritional supplements? Because homeopathics go beyond what other supplements and remedies can do. Homeopathics, by nature, work on a much deeper and more exacting avenue. They address the same symptomatic patterns as other supplements but together with the nutrient and chemical rebalancing, homeopathics also affect and establish cellular rebalancing on an electrical and vibrational level.

Homeopathics as with all true remedies, were originally used to affect change in the symptomatic outcry of the body. But with the pervasive medical thought in this society as it is today, the true knowledge and effective use of homeopathy has been reduced to nothing more than a ‘symptom-chasing’ protocol.

Effective use of homeopathy in this day and age, in this century, with the body so vastly out of balance compared to 100, 200 or even 1,000 years ago requires a different application and that’s what  the  homeopathic remedies we use are all about.


So Why do we use HumanKind Homeopathics?

Because these remedies are designed to provide a specific and new avenue of healing  … combining Chiropractic and Homeopathic to effect healthy response in structure, physiology and emotional balance. This is the best of both worlds.

Because this product line was designed to influence synergy among all aspects of the immune system and all of the organ systems – drawing them into appropriate supportive and healing patterns.

Because these specific ingredient combinations and complexes are key to inspiring the body to rebalance health, to re-learn healthy states and to release aberrant patterns once and for all.



Adrenal glands often tend to be ignored and are rarely given appropriate attention to enable the body to draw from their resources. Their importance as backup support for other systems, their ability to surge to restore function, and their capacity to intervene to rebalance are recognized but rarely corrected, or put to use to inspire healing.

While extremely complex, the adrenal glands function in some very basic arenas. Fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism are greatly affected by these two glands, as well as blood glucose levels. Adrenals provide a significant effect on extra-cellular systemic fluid levels along with rate of absorption via the renal system. And, there is a profound involvement on male and female hormone secretion and balance.

ADR-Bal provides the support and avenue to utilize the adrenals’ glandular potential. Stimulating and supporting the adrenals and allowing the body as a whole to draw upon their balancing and restorative properties, presents the opportunity to re-establish and re-train healthy response system-wide. Nutritional support, timing and sequencing, are essential for adrenals to return to and maintain normal balance. ADR-Bal is that necessary support


Al-Inflam was developed to assist the body in its response to injury, infection and allergy. This remedy usually becomes a favorite for patients to have on-hand—when a symptomatic pattern or trauma occurs; Al-Inflam is a strong “first response” to utilize until the doctor can provide specific sequencing.

Allergic response by the human body is simply an abnormal or over-reaction to normal substances. It can, at its best, be a life-saving response; it can also become habitual and excessive for the system and the involved organs.

Al-Inflam assists the body by quieting the over-reaction of specific organs like the liver and lungs, and normalizing production of histamines and other chemical responses. Organs, tissues and membranes “quiet,” inflammation is reduced, congestion dissipates.

All of that works well in allergic response, and it provides remarkable relief in any inflammatory situation due to infection or trauma. Inflammation, or localized swelling, is the body’s natural response to insult—bacterial, viral or chemical invasion and physical trauma in the form of external wounds or internal disruption. The body uses fluid movement — the blood, vital fluids and lymphatic fluids — as transportation of nutrients, chemicals and healing agents to the area of concern. The presence of the fluids — seen as inflammation and swelling — is important and the complex of homeopathics in Al-Inflam insures that fluid exchange and movement stays active and vital to allow for optimal nutrients and healing to that region.

That allows for a decrease in intensity and duration of discomfort, a speedier recovery and a more thorough healing of the tissues.

Headaches, cold and flu symptoms, joint and muscle aches, back pain, digestive upset, bloating and edema can all be quieted with Al-Inflam when it shows as a support remedy. Typically it works in tandem with another priority remedy to assist in a healing pattern and response. But for temporary help, until a doctor’s specific advice can be obtained, Al-Inflam is the essential “when in doubt, try it out” homeopathic.

Brain Supp

First and foremost, remember that the brain is an organ. While it is directly and indirectly responsible for all other organ and system functions, it is also, in and of itself a separate organ. And like any other organ in the human body it has to be regarded as such and at times, it has to receive its own nutrition, its own care and attention.

Structural integrity, physiology and chemical balancing and emotional impact to the brain can all be monitored and corrected. HumanKind International’s Brain Supp is designed to provide that avenue. The nutritional, chemical and resulting electrical re-balancing for the brain lies in the exacting formula with precise ratios which re-establish normal vibrational levels – right down to the very cells. In effect, Brain Supp works directly on function within the brain itself as well as with physiological connections and symptomatic patterns in organs and organ systems.

Symptoms can show as emotional unrest, anxiety, depression, irritability, confusion, sleeplessness, and a myriad of other mental responses. Physiological symptoms will be consistent with the corresponding organs and systems involved in the brain’s healing response at that time.


Cal-5-Revive is not a calcium supplement although it is often mistaken for one; it does not add dietary calcium to the system. What it does do is to give the human body the appropriate energetic tools which assist with the distribution and usage of all calcium within the body. So, it becomes a crucial key when working to balance calcium levels.

The typical thought process is to simply increase calcium levels in the body through a staggering variety of choices of dietary supplementations. The vast array of choices that reach the minds and doorsteps of doctors, and the public as well, is dictated not necessarily by true health needs or scientific reason, but by marketing firms and government organizations.

The real, underlying issue with dietary calcium is rarely due to a lack or an insufficiency, but rather to the body’s inappropriate use, absorption and distribution of available calcium. Simply put, it doesn’t matter how much calcium you ingest or have available —if you can’t use it efficiently, then you lose it, or misuse it. Which type of calcium, where it’s used, how it’s used and why, are all crucial to healthy response and balance in the body.

Cal-5-Revive is years ahead of its time; each ingredient in this product works synergistically to stimulate the body to use all types of calcium and all the avenues of calcium distribution in the human system. Uniquely, it also assists is reabsorbing abnormal and unnecessary calcium deposits such as spurs and scar tissue. It facilitates the strengthening of various connective tissues and bone which aids in stabilizing the chiropractic adjustment. And, while it was not designed as a catalyst, Cal-5-Revive will amplify the effectiveness of other prescribed remedies and supplements when used in combination.

The costs and confusion of random supplementation with calcium ceases to be an issue. With the appropriate calcium use that Cal-5-Revive initiates, the body’s ability to heal increases and the time required to heal decreases.

Category Remedies

The focus of the five Category remedies is to stimulate the body’s immune system into appropriate response toward a variety of invasive or infectious organisms whether acute or long-standing. These complex remedies also assist in the removal and flushing of chemical and heavy metal toxins and the resulting residues.

Each Category has a particular level of reaction and “drive” that allows the body the best and most appropriate fight for the healing process that is priority. Each is specific for a certain type of healing response to certain types of infectious states. Simply put, it’s a matter of giving the body the right gun and ammunition for the fight. Depending upon the body’s target, the category of remedy will differ just as different kinds of battles require different kinds of tactics. The five HumanKind International Category remedies allow that support so the body can fight efficiently and fully.

Your doctor can clarify the type of target and the expected reaction your body will have based upon the specific category you need. But, it’s always good to remember that when your immune system is working against infection or toxins there will be signs that a fight is going on. The “symptoms” of that battle are not always pleasant, but they are a sign that your body is working to correct an invasive situation or a mal-adaptation. Consider the wisdom of helping that fight along toward a healthy resolution, so the infection is forced out and not just suppressed into dormancy.

The Categories assist the body toward a complete victory and allow the immune system to re-learn healthy reaction. Using drugs to subdue the immune response so that symptoms disappear is not health care; that’s care of the sickness. Ask about symptoms and healthy response. Appreciate the fight that your body will wage to protect your health and to prevent the accumulation of sickness and disease.

Category I

Certain types of infectious organisms find their way into the human body and spread in a systemic manner — their invasion is pervasive throughout the body, infecting, not just organs or specific regions of the body, but the entire system. The resulting war that the immune system must wage is wide-ranging and can be an exhausting process.

Often the invasive organism is a bacterium commonly known as staphylococcus and there are a variety of them; there are also other species and other organisms that will mimic the staph-type infectious pattern. So the immune response that the body uses will often look the same or follow similar symptomatic presentations.

The introduction of these staph-type infections can be through cuts and wounds; some are airborne; some through the digestive system or through basic contact. And to put it simply, they can be mean little bugs and fast-acting. They can overwhelm a system quickly. And not rarely, they manage to hide away and lie dormant, sometimes for years, re-emerging as opportunity allows, whenever the system shows a vulnerability.

If you’ve ever experienced a “flu-type” illness, wherein your entire body ached and fevered—sometimes simply touching the skin elicits pain — that may have been that “all-out” fight the immune system calls up in response to staph infections. And that’s when Category I comes into play.

Category II

We find the immune response that Category II elicits is the type of fight needed for streptococcal bacterium or other organisms which can act similarly. Any “strept-type” infection can bring up cold and flu type symptoms, runny nose, sore throat, sinus swelling, aching joints—all those common symptoms of a contagious infection. These aren’t always difficult, long-lasting battles, but if your system calls for Category II, it is asking for the energy and the help to learn how to fight this type of infection effectively.

You may have a system that for some reason, (personal history, genetics, nutritional deficiencies, immune system exhaustion, glandular deficiencies) doesn’t fight these strept or strept-type infections well or to completion. If you deal with these symptomatic pictures repeatedly, or if they become long drawn-out affairs from which you never seem to fully recover, then Category II is going to come to your rescue.

The thing to remember is the body can learn, or relearn, to respond effectively, to complete the battle, and to seek out any dormant “pockets” of infection within your system, whether the infection is recent and acute, or invaded years prior. And no matter when these “bugs” arrived, they likely traveled to regions well beyond the initial entry site; they can set up house-keeping in joints, (commonly in knees, wrists, shoulders, spinal segments, hips) in organs, (kidneys, colon, reproductive organs, heart, lungs) and other regions — creating havoc, misleading symptomatic pictures and mistaken diagnoses.

Many long-standing, confusing and painful patterns of symptoms — no matter what the diagnosis or medical explanation — can trace back to hidden infections. That’s where Category II comes into the picture

Category III

As with other infections, those which Category III targets, can appear as simply transmitted colds and flues; and, like staph- and strept-type infections, they can be fairly straight-forward for your immune system — simple response… quick results — thanks to this homeopathic combination and your system’s ability to learn.

Viral organisms, and like-minded creatures, can sometimes get a little (or a lot) more invested in the human body; they will move throughout an organ system quickly and quietly… You thought you had a simple rhino-virus in the nasal passages and it seemed like you were getting over it… then suddenly, you have a cough, you’re short of breath and low on energy… then you realize your shoulders hurt, you’re having night sweats, sharp pains in your chest, and you’re feeling weaker… and you thought the “cold” was gone five weeks ago. That scenario is typical of a virus moving through the entire respiratory system.

Depending on where they start, the viral-type infections do take over the whole neighborhood, (renal system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, to name a few) unless your immune system spots the situation and has the energy and the tools for the complete fight. One of the inherent difficulties is that these “take-overs” aren’t always obvious. It can be a quick, quiet process or a slow insidious development. Your body may be slow to recognize the process for what it is or it may not have the knowledge and experience it needs to respond with the right effort – for a variety of reasons, including hereditary factors, health history, and nutritional deficiencies.

The symptomatic problems caused by dormant infections can show up years later with no obvious connection to the original infectious process. That’s where Category III comes in. When a patient’s body calls for this remedy, it’s about revving up the immune system for a deep battle — whether the infection, and the symptoms associated with it, are acute or chronic.

Category IV

When Category IV shows up as remedy of choice, it is likely in response to a confusing or unexplainable collection of symptoms, maybe new, maybe long-term… but probably obvious and troublesome.

These are likely parasitic infections and there are a lot of micro-organisms that fall under that label, and a lot of other organisms that will take on parasitic-type actions. And to complicate matters, there are a whole lot of introduction modalities too – they can enter via wounds, water and food; genetic predisposition, environmental conditions and geography can put a system at risk. Once in the body, parasites can take over whole regions, not bothering to stop with one organ system, they typically invade several… if in the liver, expect them in the gallbladder, the stomach or intestines… if in the heart, look to the blood vessels, muscle tissue and joints… etc.

Complicated symptoms, confusing health history, mental exhaustion, emotional depression, scattered laboratory findings and numerous diagnoses – any and all of these, with no traceable patterns or relationships, are a typical scenario in which Category IV would be prescribed.

With the help of this remedy, the symptomatic pieces will typically clear up fast as the body goes to work; but be aware, — it can be a drawn-out process because there are usually a lot of pieces to go through. The good news here is that with parasitic involvement, usually the body knows what the fight should look like, it just doesn’t have the right caliber of weapon to engage successfully. That’s where Category IV fits in. Just be patient….

Category V

This homeopathic combination stimulates some of the most profound activity in the immune system… “profound” referring here not just to amazing, but also to the depth of its involvement.

In one respect, this product acts like the follow-up team to the other four Category remedies as it inspires a deeper and more involved response. For example, if Category I was utilized to stimulate immune system involvement in the lungs to fight bacteria, then Category V would be used to take that same battle deeper – not just in the tissue of the lungs, but inside the cells of the lung tissue. Healing at the cellular level is the most precise and crucial work that the immune system can do. No pharmaceutical drug or nutritional supplement can penetrate the cell membrane. The body itself has that capability and if it hasn’t gone to that depth in the healing process on its own, then Category V will provide that energetic thrust.

In another respect, Category V provides a unique healing opportunity. Through numerous circumstances and avenues toxic chemicals, metals and residues can be introduced into the human body, and can create serious, and sometimes, deadly chaos in the system. No matter what the reason or means of entry was, nor whether it is recent or long-standing… it is rare that the body can readily or easily eliminate those toxic substances on its own. And those kinds of toxins continue to be destructive and debilitating as long as they remain. Category V provides the body with the avenue and the energy to detoxify readily, easily and safely.

CL • N

When working with the health of the human body as a whole, remember that all imbalances — bio-chemical, nutritional, structural — always affect emotional health. And likewise, emotional health always effects physical health. Major traumas have an obvious emotional impact, but micro traumas, such as sub-clinical condition, long-standing injuries, mal-adaptation and dormant infections all interfere with emotional health as well as the physical.

CL•N uses an array of long proven remedies which complexed together allow the system to release aberrant emotional patterns thereby closing the system to emotional vulnerability.

Within this complex is a broad-range synergistic appeal for the body – a variety of tools to use and apply as necessary to enable the healing and rebalancing process to proceed.

OP•P and CL•N are new combinations of raw materials that have never been used before. The complex ratios provide for a vibrational electrical and chemical balancing that allows and inspires a return to health. Patterns within the body are rebalanced, and the body is able to recognize and maintain normal. That kind of synergy and approach to healing is advanced beyond any homeopathic or nutritional supplements available today.


HumanKind International’s ENC is lightly referred to as “emotional health in a bottle” by doctors who utilize this remedy. Because of its focus to correct the emotional-neural connections between the brain and the various organs, ENC allows for healing to occur on avenues and vibrational levels rarely accessed by healing practitioners.

Using the brain as a starting point, the homeopathic ingredients in ENC direct activity toward specific organs. All organs receive physiological support through the circulatory system, systemic fluids, chemicals and hormones, and direct nervous innervation. There is also an emotional connection from the brain via the energy flow of the nervous system that influences the organ. And conversely that relay system also influences how the organs affect the brain.

In the human body, just like a television antenna or a satellite dish, if the components aren’t aligned right the message and information don’t travel smoothly, reception is bad, function is distorted, inhibited or sometimes halted. In the body, if the electro-emotional patterns are dysfunctional, emotional response to healing is limited and confused. Physical health — structural and physiological — is restricted as emotional health is compromised. Organs and entire organ systems lose energy and vitality; symptoms of physiological insufficiency appear; confusion and distress within the system grow. Left unresolved long enough, and the system experiences depression on various levels physiologically and emotionally – sometimes clinically observable, sometimes sub-clinical.

It is fairly common to experience a sense of emotional unrest, depression or anxiety prior to this homeopathic showing as a remedy of choice. The symptomatic signal for assistance diminishes as the system receives support, sometimes in conjunction with another remedy directed toward a specific organ, such as heart, liver, kidneys or thyroid.

Initial response with ENC often seems fairly rapid – but remember, true healing is not about “quick results,” it’s about re-establishing and maintaining healthy patterns. Make sure that your system has the time to stabilize the emotional pathways.

EpI/Cell Rep

Providing nourishment and energy to repair and revitalize various surfaces of the system are crucial in order to maintain and protect the integrity and function of the internal aspects of the system. EpI/Cell Rep by HumanKind International allows for that type of healing through the synergy created by its array of homeopathic ingredients.

Epithelial cells form the covering of most internal surfaces and organs and the outer surfaces of the body. Those cells — their health and vitality — receive a lot of impact and attention with the use of EpI/Cell Rep. The skin, various tissues of the eyes, organ membranes, interior surfaces of the mouth and sinuses, nasal cavities, throat, esophagus, stomach, small and large colon, bladder and urethra, uterus and vaginal tract — all can receive benefit and healing focus when EpI/Cell Rep shows as a priority for treatment.

Likewise, on a microscopic level, each of the 75 trillion cells in the body, including some 25 trillion blood cells, needs to stay healthy, maintain function, and receives food and oxygen. Each of those cells has its own surface membrane, fluids and internal organs.

Realizing that, it becomes clear that the human body is in a constant state of evolution and the focus on health has to be constant and involve both the obvious or “macroscopic” health issues—and the more subtle, unseen and often over-looked “microscopic” issues. When cellular repair and care is called for, EpI/Cell Rep will show up as a treatment of choice.

Skin eruptions, and rashes; wounds large and small; aftermath of surgeries, childbirth and traumas; eye irritation and injuries and progressive vision problems; inflammatory digestive disorders and ulcers…any of these can be obvious symptoms that will benefit from and require the use of EpI/Cell Rep.

But sometimes there is unseen, deeper healing going on, too, that may not be so obvious or symptomatic. Remember, with 75 trillion cells, when “EpI” shows up, there’s a whole a lot of healing going on.

Fem Repair-Non Preg and Fem Response

Working with the female system requires attention on several different fronts; for a complete picture of health, glandular and hormonal balancing must be addressed, along with the health status and function of the reproductive organs themselves.

HumanKind International presents two homeopathic complexes for women, one focuses more on chronic dysfunction and a need for long term rebalancing and rebuilding to a healthier state. Fem Repair-Non Preg assists the body in repair of glandular and reproductive tissue and also re-establishes the chemical and hormonal connections that are so vital to optimal and normal reproductive function in women.

Fem Repair typically shows for “foundational” work with the reproductive system—addressing long standing imbalance and dysfunction such as menstrual difficulties and disorders, endometriosis, infertility, chronic infectious states, as well as related symptomatic patterns like migraines, bloating, edema, back pain, breast pain and emotional swings.

HumanKind International’s second homeopathic remedy for the female reproductive system is Fem Response. Typically this remedy shows more often for immediate response to distress or discomfort related to the reproductive system and the related organs and hormonal balance.

Fem Response may show up to ease monthly symptomatic patterns that are extreme; it may show periodically during pregnancy to soothe and help balance physiological surges, morning sickness, mood swings, depression, fears and labor pain. This remedy also typically shows post-partum to re-set hormonal and uterine function to a non-pregnant status.

Either remedy may be required when the female reproductive system requires assistance. There are some typical scenarios as addressed above, but when the hormonal system is calling the shots, anything is fair. Both remedies provide the nutritional and vibrational stimulation to induce and allow healing to take place.


Calming over-reaction in the digestive tract; reducing inflammation and fluid-retention in the colon and tissues of the abdomen; normalizing digestive balance; assisting with enzymatic response – all come into play with the use of HumanKind International’s GDS-Calm. But the greatest effect from GDS-Calm is toward the gall bladder and bile duct and especially in the hiatal and duodenal regions of the digestive system. Heartburn, stomach upset, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, ulcers – all receive benefit from GDS-Calm when called up as a remedy. It’s the homeopathic remedy of choice for digestive upset and over-reaction – far and beyond over-the-counter medications; and this remedy’s ability for inspiring healing response and return to normal function far exceeds synthetic medications.

Remember, when function is abnormal, that means organs are responding abnormally and are out of balance. Finding the reason for the abnormal “symptoms” and the imbalance and correcting that is true health care. Working step-by-step in appropriate sequence – according to the body’s needs – is the only way to restore balance among the organs. Restore the balance, then function returns to normal and symptoms recede and disappear. That’s because “healing” has taken place.

And remember:
Correcting the imbalance is health.
Covering up the symptoms is dangerous.


The heart, circulatory systems and blood all receive attention and assistance from HumanKind International’s HCB-Res.

When the body is experiencing dysfunction in the cardiovascular system, or when the body is waiting on health within that system, it’s common to experience tiredness, fatigue, headaches, variations in heart rate and intensity. Shoulders and arms may ache and feel heavy; leg aches and cramps may exist, and even respiration may be altered.

HCB-Res has a focus that’s directed more to restoring the function of the heart and its components — heart pace, valves and their action, electrical rhythm and blood vitality. Typically blood types “O” and “B” tend to benefit from HCB-Res.

Remember, symptoms mean the body is fighting to normalize. Homeopathic remedies make the process easier, faster and safer. As soon as the correction is achieved, the symptoms stop.

HCB – Tone

The heart, circulatory systems and blood all receive attention and assistance from HumanKind International’s HCB-Tone.

When the body is experiencing dysfunction in the cardiovascular system, or when the body is waiting on health within that system, it’s common to experience tiredness, fatigue, headaches, variations in heart rate and intensity. Shoulders and arms may ache and feel heavy; leg aches and cramps may exist, and even respiration may be altered.

HCB-Tone directs focus more toward the heart as a functioning muscle, its nutrition and condition, its strength and consistency. More commonly the “A” and “AB” blood types will find HCB-Tone beneficial.

Remember, symptoms mean the body is fighting to normalize. Homeopathic remedies make the process easier, faster and safer. As soon as the correction is achieved, the symptoms stop.


As HumanKind International’s lymphatic system remedy, L-Trans directs the activity of its homeopathic ingredients toward normalizing flow, movement and vitality within the lymphatic channels to generate healthy response throughout the body as a whole.

The lymphatic system works as an accessory route for vital fluids of the body and thus has a profound effect on interstitial fluid dynamics and edema. It also serves to carry proteins and large particulate matter and residues away from tissues, joints and organs. In short, it functions like an irrigation system and a sewer system all in one.

There are two important considerations to remember about the lymph system. First, if the lymph system slows down, stagnates or “clogs,” problems show up. And being a very extensive and pervasive system servicing every part and region of the body, wherever it slows or halts is where symptoms are likely to appear.

Second, it is important to realize that the lymph system has no internal pump to move fluid. The circulatory system has the heart that pumps and pushes blood to insure continuous movement and flow. No such pump for the lymph. The lymph fluid flows only in response to muscle movement and gravity.

With this understanding, it’s easy to see that edema and swelling are often signs that the lymph system needs a boost to move fluid along, especially uphill. The major “bend” areas — like the knees, hips, upper arm and shoulder areas-can often impede and restrict flow of lymph. L-Trans may show as a remedy of choice.

Trauma and injury require the body to deliver an increase of fluids — inflammation — to a specific region. The lymphatics may not be able to move fluid and particles out as quickly as they flow in. L-Trans may be appropriate in such situations.

Increased use of a body region such as seasonal yard work, shoveling snow or a sudden increase in exercise; can initiate a greater lymph flow which sometimes shows up as a regional discomfort the next day. Lymph channels overload, slow and swell. Shoulders ache, neck muscles feel stiff and sore, arms or legs are swollen, and head feels congested. Thus, sometimes presumed injuries and illnesses can be an overload and slow-down of the lymph flow. That is when L-Trans comes in, if you get the lymph flowing, return the dynamics to normal, and symptoms resolve. That is the reason for L-Trans.

Lung – Resp

There are many distinct coughs that pinpoint problems in the lungs and respiratory system; some indicate acute infections, some for long-standing conflict, some for genetic predispositions and illness, some for trauma – physical and physiological. Some coughs become symptomatic patterns – i.e., asthma, pneumonias, tuberculosis, emphysema. Regardless of the label or diagnosis, it is crucial to remember the cough is the life-saving mechanism and the warning signal that the body is focusing in the lungs and needs assistance.

HumanKind International’s Lung-Resp is designed with that understanding and it provides focus and assistance to the lungs and entire respiratory tract. It’s important to know that along with their own infectious states and genetic histories, the lungs also leave other vulnerabilities. Because of their structural make up and position in the “physiological flow” of the human body, the lungs often become repositories for other organs. The liver and heart can have direct influences on the lungs, being “just upstream” in terms of circulation. The lymphatic system releases flow via the thoracic ducts within millimeters of the lungs. The kidneys, if function is sluggish or altered, can indirectly alter lung function both in terms of biochemistry and fluid retentions.

Lung-Resp takes all those functions into consideration. Adding to and stabilizing vibrational, nutritional and electrical balance in the lungs restores oxygen to normalize respiratory patterns, and not just to the lungs, but to the entire system via the blood. The brain, the liver, the heart, and every other organ and organ system receives benefit from Lung-Resp.


HumanKind International’s LV-FX is about liver function – what the liver’s doing wrong, what it should be doing right. And with 500 to 700 functions, the liver is an organ that has a huge impact on the body. When the liver is malfunctioning and is out-of-balance, other organs feel the impact that may appear as symptoms that seem unrelated to the liver: headaches, digestive disturbances, skin out-breaks, respiratory disturbances, blood pressure and circulatory changes, and emotional upheavals, to name a few.

LV-FX is a complex of homeopathic remedies that work “synergistically” to instigate action in the liver and related organs. To utilize separate remedies for each of the 500 to 700 liver functions is impractical at best. Finding an effective array of remedies that work together “in synergy” — the whole (or final result) is greater than the sum of the parts (or individual remedies) — allows for a powerful remedy with profound healing results.

Doctors know, and it’s good for patients to know, that a liver in dysfunction usually means emotions are too. As other organs and systems experience irritation due to the liver, usually the patient experiences that same irritation on an emotional level. Intolerance, temper flares and angry outbursts all can surface as the liver is attempting to heal. In effect, as the liver is trying to find a healthy balance, the emotions are also. Sleep patterns are often disrupted – especially between 1:00 am and 3:00 am, with night sweats and disturbing dreams. The liver stores toxins and angry emotions; for the liver to achieve physiological health there has to be emotional healing too. LV-FX is going to assist in that process as well. The “bad stuff” has to come out or it stays in and creates sickness and disease. LV-FX helps the liver release the “bad stuff” more smoothly and easily and return to a healthier function. The liver generally returns to health in stages. It helps to remember that the discomfort and moods that may occur during these stages are temporary. The healing is permanent. And, if your moods and personality seem wacky – try laughing about it. It is temporary. And there is medicine in the laughter.


HumanKind International’s Male-Pros was formulated to put necessary healing focus on the prostate and the entire reproductive system and organs. Despite the prostate’s crucial role in the male system in terms of emotional and physical growth, hormonal patterns, and reproduction it is largely ignored until dysfunction or symptoms are severe or irreversible. To detect and correct sub clinical problems are essential.

In this society with steroids and female hormones used in such great excesses in beef, dairy, chicken, and eggs, male hormone levels, reproductive organs and the prostate are seriously impacted.

The combination of homeopathic ingredients in Male-Pros facilitates appropriate hormonal response and provides the potential for an increase or decrease in hormone production within the male glandular system, as the individual system warrants. The prostate receives support. Emotions and male response have the opportunity to normalize and stabilize. Physical symptoms that suggest use of Male-Pros will vary from sexual dysfunction to other symptoms such as pain, discomfort, swelling, local or dispersed inflammation, low back and pelvic pain, and infertility.

Because of the strong emotional aspect associated with the prostate, it is common for Male-Pros to show either alternating or concurrent use with HumanKind International’s Brain Supp and the HCB products.

To experience emotional challenges either prior to prescribed use or during the use of Male-Pros is not uncommon — sadness, depression, mood-swings, irascibility, temper-flares can sometimes occur. And sometimes, knowing the emotions and behaviors are the results of organ and hormone imbalance can help. And, correction and healing can occur with the appropriate assistance and time. As always, don’t look for a way to make symptoms stop; look for healing to correct the reason for symptoms.


Nothing in the human body functions without the input of the nervous system. If the nervous system is functioning at less than optimal levels, so is the body. Muscles, bone, blood, organs—nothing moves, flows, responds, receives nutrition or assistance if the nervous system is not operating. Any region of the nervous system that is functioning low, slow or inadequately means that the region’s response is the same.

HumanKind International’s NRV-Systemic has the precise ratios of select homeopathic remedies that provide the vibrational energy the human body needs to balance and stimulate the entire nervous system — the brain and spinal cord of the “Central Nervous System” as well as the extensive and pervasive “Peripheral Nervous System” with its millions of connections to all aspects of the body.

NRV-Systemic provides energy and directed healing for crisis response to trauma and also shows as a priority remedy for long-standing nervous system dysfunction. Disorders such as Parkinson’s, MS, various dystrophies, many forms of arthritis, epilepsy, tremors, nervous tension, and extended mental stress all may receive benefit. NRV may be called in for support for an extended length of time, or on a periodic basis as part of a sequence of healing.

Given the opportunity and the right support the nervous system can correct and return to a higher and healthier level. Likewise, with that correction, any regions, organs, or organ systems that were compromised have the same opportunity to heal.

OP • P

When working with the health of the human body as a whole, remember that all imbalances – bio-chemical, nutritional, structural – always affect emotional health. And likewise, emotional health always effects physical health. Major traumas have an obvious emotional impact, but micro traumas, such as sub-clinical condition, long-standing injuries, mal-adaptation and dormant infections all interfere with emotional health as well as physical health.

Within OP•P is a complex of different remedies each of which has been used for thousands of years to open the human body toward a return to healthier emotional status. Healthier emotional balance leads to healthier physiological response, healthier electrical status.

Within this complex is a broad-range synergistic appeal for the body – a variety of tools to use and apply as necessary to enable the healing and rebalancing process to proceed.

OP•P and CL•N are new combinations of raw materials that have never been used before. The complex ratios provide for a vibrational electrical and chemical balancing that allows and inspires a return to health. Patterns within the body are rebalanced, and the body is able to recognize and maintain normal. That kind of synergy and approach to healing is advanced beyond any homeopathic or nutritional supplements available today.


HumanKind International’s Pan-Zyme-S gives energy and support to the pancreas to boost functional levels, to increase and balance its enzymatic output, to aid in normalization of metabolic and digestive functions.

Given adequate time and appropriate support for the pancreas, imbalances of sugar levels and insulin production can sometimes stabilize or correct. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual system, genetics, history and lifestyle, but if the system has a priority of correcting pancreatic function and Pan-Zyme-S shows in a sequence of healing, then it’s a good bet that some changes will show.

If the enzymatic levels of the pancreas are out of balance or are receiving the attention to rebalance, digestive symptoms are likely to exist. Bloating, indigestion, vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, sleep disturbances, low energy levels, fatigue, abnormal food cravings can all be related to pancreatic imbalance.

The pancreas, like other organs has a strong impact on the emotional balance and health of the body — sadness, depression, hopelessness, lowered self-esteem and a general “not-too-sweet-on-life” perspective, are not rare when the pancreas is dysfunctional — whether short-term or over an extended period of time. And if such emotional response appears or intensifies while Pan-Zyme-S is being used in a healing pattern, remember — it is a temporary response to the body’s fight to normalize.

Again when the body asks for support to heal, there will likely be signs it is in that process. Appreciate the process. That is a return to a healthier state. And that is the idea.


Para-BN is formulated to direct intense and specific focus on the four parathyroid glands to boost activity and to stabilize energy.

The parathyroid has numerous functions all of which can have dramatic effects throughout the entire system. It controls calcium concentration in fluids; it regulates calcium absorption from the gut, calcium excretion via the kidneys and calcium release from the bones. It also affects and regulates phosphate concentration. Perhaps most notable, the parathyroid has a serious involvement with maternal/fetal calcium balance and ratios during pregnancy; during lactation, the parathyroids enlarge greatly to supply needed calcium and phosphate.

Interestingly, calcium absorption from the liver, kidneys and intestinal tract is regulated as a result of the system’s utilization of Vitamin D. The parathyroid hormones govern Vitamin D. So, all the calcium in the world won’t correct or stimulate calcium balance in the human body unless the parathyroids are functioning optimally. That is where HumanKind International’s Para-BN comes in.

Simply put, it stimulates and directs energy to the parathyroids to allow for healthy use and dispersal of Vitamin D, calcium and other related minerals. Fluid, blood, muscle and bone all feel the effect of balanced calcium levels. And so does the patient.

Renal Supp-RDP

Renal Supp-RDP is HumanKind International’s homeopathic complex designed to support and promote healing in the kidneys and the entire renal system — including the kidney tissue itself, the renal pelvis, ureters, bladder and urethra.

The renal system has a vast array of functions and thus has a massive effect on the system as a whole, as well as specific organs. Heart rate, blood flow and filtration, blood pressure, fluid retention, fluid dilution and concentration — all receive influence and control from the kidneys.

Correcting any disruption in the renal system and restoring function, disinfecting, purging, and assuring ease of flow and filtration, are imperative for the health of the renal system as well as the health of the entire body. Renal Supp-RDP addresses each of those aspects specifically through the synergistic effect of the homeopathic combination. The ingredient ratios allow the system to find a healthier balance between the kidney system and the other organs and systems of the body.

When the renal system is compromised, not only are kidney and bladder symptoms likely to appear as the body seeks to re-establish healthy function, but other symptoms surface that often seem unrelated.

Headaches, vision changes and eye irritation, systemic or regional swellings, respiratory difficulties and cough, fluctuation of heart rate and blood pressure are possible. Low-back pain, neck and shoulder tension, wrist and hand discomfort may exist. Knee pain and aches are likely. Urinary patterns and volume may alter; color and odor may alter also. Sinus pain and cold symptoms are often present while kidneys heal.

Emotionally, anxiety, fears, sleep disruption and unrest are highly likely especially in the evening hours. Together with irritation of the eyes, back pain and knee pain, the emotional fears and unrest are the most typical symptoms of work in the kidneys.

Temporary is the key word to remember for the symptoms during rebalancing of the renal system. Renal Supp-RDP reduces the intensity of the symptoms, speeds up the healing process and eases the discomfort on the whole.

RPT – Sys

The effects that emotional trauma and imbalance can have on physiology are sometimes profound and long-standing. Often the body will fall into a pattern of response or adaptation that may allow continued function but is not necessarily optimal.

HumanKind International’s RPT-Sys focuses on the vibrational and electrical balances that offer the body the opportunity to release those “less than optimal” patterns and return to healthier reaction and response. Emotional and physiological rebalancing means physical rebalancing.

It is common for long-standing symptomatic patterns to become more pronounced as the body begins to correct old, unhealthy patterns. Emotional response may be edgy, over-reactive. Physical symptoms may present more extreme. That is the sign that the body is correcting. And that’s when RPT-Sys will show as the preferred remedy. Sometimes the healing response is rapid, sometimes gradual; but as the situation corrects and heals, the old patterns disappear – whether physical or emotional.


Sweep is HumanKind International’s detoxifying remedy. This homeopathic combination serves the body by initiating a sweeping or cleansing process that can involve any and all of the organs, organ systems and physiological regions and fluids of the body.

Timely and consistent removal of toxic materials, chemicals, residues and waste is crucial to the human body. Inability to do so or sluggish response leads to accumulation either regionally or throughout the system. That accumulation can lead to sickness and disease.

Effects of inappropriate detoxification can show with dramatic symptoms or they can be insidious and sit sub-clinical for long periods of time. Reaction time in the body can be acute or chronic. The resulting symptomatic picture can be obvious and easily tracked to toxic accumulation or it can be confusing, misleading, and seemingly un-traceable.

Tobacco, drug, and alcohol residues — current or long past; chemical toxins — from obvious incident or slow accumulation; wastes from living and dead bacteria and microorganisms; poisonings from traumatic situations or longstanding; are cleared from the system for a return to balanced and true health. It is not just the insult of these toxic situations but the long-term impact that causes dysfunction, confusion, and danger for the human body.

Sweep works to help the system assess and address detoxification with timing and precision. It is the right tool that must be applied at the right time. Priority and sequence must be watched—using Sweep to initiate and aid in detoxification can provide tremendous healing potential for the body. Sweep will show as a treatment remedy when the body feels ready and strong enough for that process. Forcing the body into detoxification before it is ready never works well, and may not work at all.

Symptoms of detoxification vary in intensity depending on the individual case and history. Specific organs and body regions give different symptomatic pictures as they cleanse. Your doctor knows when your system wants Sweep and how to help you understand and deal with the process.

All’s fair in war, just as in love, and if your body is going into battle to clear and flush toxins and chemical residues out, there will be signs; what your body is learning and choosing to do for your sake is indispensable. It is all about health.

THY – Plex

Thy-Plex, HumanKind International’s thyroid support, puts its entire focus on the thyroid and all of its functions. The thyroid gland always serves as a relay station for information from the brain to organs and from organs back to the brain. Feedback within the human body is crucial to normal function, and if the relay station is operating ineffectively or erroneously, then everything — every organ and system — feels the impact. Using electrical meridians, the nervous system, blood, chemicals and hormones, the thyroid relays information which greatly affects body fluid levels, calcium levels, heart rate, reproductive organ cycles and function, mental and emotional response, body temperature, and immune system response. Depending upon case history, genetics, trauma and physiological imbalance, the action of the thyroid can be high, low, aberrant, irregular or absent. Re-establishing vibrational levels to allow for better nutrition, balance and stabilization is the key to working with the thyroid. That is the focus of Thy-Plex.

When there is dysfunction within the thyroid and the body is focusing on stabilization and a return to normal function, there is a typical “pendulum-swing” of symptomatic extremes, including emotional swings, manic-depressive states, low energy to high energy, indecisiveness to clarity, calm to agitation, relaxed moods to over-excitement and temper flares.

It is always good to remember the word “temporary” when dealing with the thyroid. Emotions and symptoms can swing, giving a sense of instability and shakiness. Remember, that is the thyroid working to re-balance and return to normal. It’s just temporary


Joint instability or dysfunction, whether an acute injury or a long-standing problem, needs special focus – and that focus is what HumanKind International’s TLB-Matrix provides.

Ligaments – attaching bone to bone, tendons – tethering muscle to bone, and all the infrastructures of the joints require select attention and nutritional boost if the integrity of the bone and the strength of the joint attachments are to be strengthened and maintained. In addition, TLB-Matrix has ingredients that normalize fluid dispersal, joint lubrication and circulatory and nervous system involvement.

Joint stabilization, adjustment, rehabilitation are all enhanced by the focus that TLB-Matrix provides. And used in specific sequence and in junction with other HumanKind International products such as Al-Inflam for inflammation, HCB for circulation, Para-BN for bone and calcium rejuvenation, L-Trans for lymphatic and joint space cleansing, there can be dramatic joint response and healing.

Restoring the integrity of the joints following traumatic injury, long-standing mal-adaptation or infectious compromise, is paramount for true and permanent healing in joints. With the appropriate sequence of remedy support specific to the individual case, the body can take the compromised joint or joints back to a healthier state and function.


HumanKind International’s Vital-FL focuses on all the body fluids or “vital fluids” that course through the system. Realize that there are several types of fluids with specific functions in the human body — the circulatory system, the lymph system and nervous system — and each has its own fluid base.

All other fluids essential to the body — the fluids that circulate around and through muscles, infiltrate joints, bathe organs, are inside cells and outside — are essential to the system and full of oxygen, nutrients, minerals and electrolytes.

These fluids — about 56 per cent of the adult human body — have to remain healthy and balanced and in motion. Vital-FL has a powerful effect, assisting the body to establish and maintain a natural balance and flow in those fluids.

Whether the system is in a dehydrated state (fluid-to-mineral ratios are out of balance) or in a pattern of excess retention, Vital-FL brings attention to fluid re-stabilization.

Symptoms of imbalance can include abdominal bloating, constipation and diarrhea, fluid retention in hands and feet, swollen and achy joints, congestion in the lungs and respiratory system, sinus congestion and cold symptoms, insomnia, headaches, neck and shoulder stiffness.

So, any of those symptoms may show as a signal that Vital-FL is needed; they may also appear briefly as a sign that your body is correcting a dysfunction or insufficiency of fluids in a given region of the body in response to Vital-FL.

Remember, those same symptoms may be present due to many different problems in other organs or systems; the symptomatic picture just indicates that the body is fighting to return to normal.

If your doctor finds an imbalance in the essential fluids, then Vital-FL will show as the remedy of choice to assist the body with its work in that given situation. The same, or similar, symptoms may require different remedial help another time depending on organ and system involvement.