Brain Based Therapy (BBT) is an amazingly powerful, all natural healing technique used to restore people to their optimum state of health.

Who discovered BBT?

Brain Based Therapy was developed by Dr. Fred Carrick, the country’s leading chiropractic neurologist.   The Carrick Institute offers classes internationally and helps patients around the world with severe neurological disorders. 

Dr Heimlich has completed over 300 hours of post graduate studies in Functional Neurology at the Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies and is a charter member of the International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation. 

What does brain function have to do with health ?  

In a word, everything.  The brain is called the master organ.  The brain is the control center for our entire body. It controls every cell, every organ, every tissue and the entire autonomic nervous system (composed of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems) as well as reactions to stress and behaviors.   The brain is as strong as it is complex and fragile. For the brain to work well, it needs to be in a balanced state. In such a state, neither the sympathetic nervous system, nor the parasympathetic nervous system dominates. 

The left and right hemispheres of the brain function in tandem. The various lobes on each side of the brain are intended to be naturally balanced and the activities within them are in intended to be in harmony.   You cannot have an optimally functioning body without an optimally functioning brain. 

How do you know if your brain is functioning optimally?

One of the best ways to have your brain function checked out is by a qualified doctor that understands functional neurology.  A functional neurological examination will help to determine if your brain is functioning at its highest capacity. 

How can you fix your brain?

A safe, gentle, hands-on, dynamic integration process is used to re-boot, reconnect and restore proper brain function. Traditional chiropractic instruments and/or adjustments can also be used, but they are used in a very precise manner…to stimulate function in the effected part of the brain.

In addition, visual, auditory, and olfactory stimulation, heat, eye movements, eye exercises, and other modalities may be used to increase brain firing.

What health problems can you help with?

Please understand that BBT is not a specific treatment for any disease, illness or disorder. We do not try to cure anything.  I can still hear one of my instructors from 20 years ago saying “You only cure bacon and ham.  Don’t take credit for healing the body.  The body heals itself.  You are just there to find out have to facilitate the process.”  

Our treatment lies in naturally and holistically re-wiring your brain and then getting out of the way so your body can heal.

However, once the “brain loop” is restored and any brain imbalances are minimized…amazing things can happen. The following is a list of health conditions people have shown significant improvement with:

  • Balance disorders
  • arm/shoulder pain
  • low back pain/sciatica
  • bulging/herniated discs
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • dizziness
  • dystonia
  • early Alzheimer’s symptoms
  • fibromyalgia
  • RLS (restless leg syndrome)
  • headaches
  • migraines
  • insomnia
  • hip/knee/feet pain
  • tremor disorders
  • MS symptoms
  • neck pain
  • numbness
  • spinal stenosis
  • low immunity